Your design hotel in Paris

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BLC is the hotel of blissful harmony and balance !


The BLC Design Hotel is pleased to welcome you for a stop in the country’s white.

Completely renovated in 2009, this boutique hotel with 29 rooms with a luggage room and free wifi access, will show you a bold and innovative concept imagined entirely by the decorator Carole Picard.The open space design that characterizes most of our rooms combine a zen atmosphere that evokes the influences of surroundings.


Surely you wonder who are these women pictured on our headboards 
that dresses our white walls? 
The answer is two steps from the BLC Design Hotel. These are portraits of 
women who stayed in Le Palais de la Femme
that were photographed by Parisian photographer Lise-Laure Batifol.
Located in the lively neighborhood of the Bastille, République and Nation 
with its many bars, restaurants and designer shops is in its originality an 
address to try, even to adopt.
See you soon


Special offers